Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am enjoying a quiet moment in the scraproom I share with my little Emily (her table is in the corner with the light on it).  It is late Tuesday night and I am going for my first creative play date tomorrow and that brings back memories of my Wednesdays with the PAC ladies.
The PAC (Performing Arts Center) where we are graciously invited to crop each Wednesday and where five years I hosted.  Here are a few of my friends and some of our projects.  I miss my Wednesdays with the ladies some of whom crocheted while the rest of us scrapped - missing you, too, Julia.

Projects of all kinds were created - cute recipe tins.
We had fun creating Christmas cards at the end of each month -
And I miss those wild road trips --
 Thanks ladies for all the fun -- see you soon!

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  1. Those do look like fun times. I love how cozy your Scraproom looks, so warm and inviting. So glad you are doing well. Miss you though


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