Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

One of the best pieces of advice my Mom ever gave me was 'Marry someone just like your Dad'. This advice was given to me while my Mom set next to me on my bed, me in tears over another broken heart.

I do not think she meant for me to take it as literal as I did, as God brought into my life, through a blind date, a man who was the spitting image of my Dad.

My Dad was short of stature but big of heart. He had a booming voice which could be heard across the room. His smile and handshake made him lifetime friends.

While my husband, Kevin, mirrored my Dad in all ways except one, his voice was not as booming. This soft spoken man was loved by all especially the children. He was an amazing Dad who could fix all things.

This is the 4th Father's Day that my Mom and I are celebrating without their physical presence, that does not stop the celebration -- because of them both, I am who I am and I thank Dad for teaching me the love of life, learning, and friends. And I thank Kevin for being my best friend and helping to raise the most amazing daughter ever.

You both will remain UNFORGETTABLE to me!

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